The benefits for Clubs/Hotel Venue…

A very high quality, reliable, full function ATM at an entry level price that is capable of expanding to your future business growth without replacing the ATM

(2) You get a compact ATM, capable of being installed on a pedestal, or on top of the bar

(3) Gives you access to account balance checks

(4) Allows customers to make a transaction in private

(5) Reduces burden on staff behind the bar, which helps to speed customer service

(6) Removes cash from behind the bar, and places the cash into a safe

(7) The ATM reduces amount of cash on premises, in effect banking this cash for you

(8) Can help to increase profitability, both through bar, bistro and gaming

(9) Present cost of EFTPOS is eliminated. (Please keep this cost reduction in mind when looking at the real cost of the ATM option)

(10) Removes any burden of uncertainty with regards to responsible gaming issues

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